CanadianNationalCollectionInsects, Arachnids and Nematodes
The website is dedicated to presenting to the world the insects, arachnids and nematodes specimens stored in the Canadian National Collection.

The information accessible here are divided into two groups, the taxonomic group contains all the scientific names of the organisms mentioned in the specimens, and the specimen group contains all locations, georeferences, dates, taxonomic information contained in the specimens.

The scientific names can be searched by the "search taxon page" by clicking on the "SEARCH-taxa" icon above. This will lead to individual scientific name by clicking on the list of found names. Individual names have their own page, which have navigation links to their higher taxa and lower taxa. The number of specimens in the collection related to that name will also be shown with link to the list of specimens. When present, there will be links to the name-bearing-type specimens. Extra information and images will be appended to a scientific name when available. The upkeep of the scientific names is the responsibility of the editor assigned to the taxonomic group which can be seen at the bottom of each page.

The specimens can be searched by using the "search specimen page" by clicking on the "SEARCH-specimens" icon above. By providing the desired search parameters, a list of specimens that satisfies the given parameters will be given. Clicking on any specimen on the list will show the full detail of the specimen, which may include extra information and images. The content of the specimen page is the responsibility of the editor shown at the bottom of each page.

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